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13colonies Edit

  • LJ (child) Inactive

A child America that appeared early on in the anon meme.

al_kirkland Edit

  • LJ (child) Inactive

A little America corrupted by the anon meme into a yandere rat-killing machine. Wields a chainsaw called Pocahontas.


  • LJ (child)

Absolutely adorable.

americanbicycle Edit

  • LJ Inactive

arfled Edit

alters_america Edit

  • LJ (split personality confed/union) Inactive

A creepy America that appeared early in the meme.

bet_on_burgers Edit

Is in love with Blue, and fights for her hand in marriage with Mr. Louie often. See here.Inactive

birdofcourage Edit

  • LJ Inactive


  • LJ Inactive


  • LJ(Hetalia Fantasia America)


  • LJ (mochi) Inactive


dc_dancing Edit

diishii Edit

*LJ (Female) Inactive


freedomfriez Edit

fruited_plain Edit

fullglory Edit

  • LJ (female)

goodoldrebel Edit

  • LJ (CSA; Johnny Rebel)

A Confederacy from the American Civil War. Goes by the name Johnny and talks with a Southern accent. Tends to get raped a lot. Went home.

herotohero Edit

  • LJ Inactive

Wasn't America after all. :DDDDD

heyamerican Edit

Has a puppy named Fries and a cat named Onion Rings. Has a thing for England, specifically thatendswell. IS TOTALLY MANLY AND IS NO WAY GAY


inmewetrust Edit

  • LJ Inactive

ithassolarwind Edit

  • LJ Inactive

Apparently the America to go hand-in-hand with moonhasnowind.

itsokeydaddy Edit

Mochimerica 2.0

julystripes Edit

  • LJ (female) Inactive

A cheerful, gender-bent America.

kawfeehero / vodkahero / sippycuphero / prunejuicehero Edit

  • LJ/LJ (Communist)/LJ (Child)/LJ (Aged) Inactive

An America who comes up with the most ridiculous plans in his entertaining threads. Seems to have a crush on Ukraine, but is stuck in the "friend-zone".

land_ofdreams Edit

  • LJ (child) Inactive

libertine_lady Edit

  • LJ (female) Inactive

meeposuction Edit

  • LJ (blob) Inactive

miss_donalds Edit

  • LJ (female) Inactive

mochimerica Edit

  • LJ (mochi) Inactive

Mutates sometimes, part of Russia's glorious Soviet family. Took over the main community on a dare.

mr_starspangled Edit

  • LJ Inactive

notnotawesome / not_capitalist / southerncanada / accioburger / sherlockbrolmes Edit

  • LJ/LJ (Communist) /LJ (...Canada) / LJ  (Harry Potter??) /LJ (Robert Downey Jr!!!)

Constantly seen arguing with not_america(Canada). He now throws Hummers at his bro whenever he makes fun of him. Still cries inside about how fat he is. Becomes a communist every once in a while. Southern Canada came into existence when little America died. Affected by things that happen to al_kirkland to a certain extent. Retired to Hollywood.

onewithus Edit

  • LJ Inactive

otakusa Edit

An otaku version of America. Likes Japan.

revolutionstars / loyalisthearts Edit

  • LJ (Revolutionary America) /LJ (under a love spell)

A revolutionary America. Is stalked by an anon who sometimes summons a Zombie!England to scare him. For a while, he was under the effect of a love spell which made him fall in love with England. The spell has now been removed but it's effects seem to be lingering on as he switces between being his normal self and being under the spell's influence every time he goes to sleep.

redchannels Edit

  • LJ (McCarthy Era) Inactive

A Red Scare period America who is dedicated to protecting meme-democracy from the evil hands of communism. He has compiled a list of suspected "communists", which includes RPers, anons, and non-anons alike.

sparkofawesome Edit

  • LJ Inactive

For a short time garnered a bad reputation among some anons as the only non-anon post on the all-anon page 12 of part 15.

sue_persize Edit

  • LJ Inactive

Tends to put himself in charge of fixing things, and does a questionably good job of it. Good friends with Tony.

supersizehero Edit

  • LJ Inactive

tengallon Edit

  • LJ (cowboy) Inactive

thatssoamerican Edit

thegreatjonesby Edit

  • LJ Inactive

1920s America.

timesa_changing Edit

One day he and Canada will fuck. One day. Only not really.

us_of_mmmerica Edit

  • LJ Inactive

Has strong morals and does not approve of porn.  Cue fem!France harassment.

usainthehouse Edit

  • LJ Inactive

Ghetto America. Acts like the spoiled white ghetto teenagers you would see in nice areas of New Jersey.

wearsblue / seesred Edit

  • LJ (Union; Billy Yank) / LJ (Communist)

Union America from the American Civil War. Flustered easily around nice female anons. Spoilers: won the war

you_icanhandre Edit

  • LJ Inactive

An apparent Engrish America.

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