This page is for the drama and soap opera we know as The Ancients. This includes but is not limited to Germania (diaf_roma and lilsmileydude both, though the latter isn't as big), Rome (amo_romanum), Germania's baby bro Scandinavia/Kievan Rus (mr_kievan_rus), and Aestii/Baltia (ambershores). Most of it is Rome and Germania. We assure you this.

Aestii and Kievan RusEdit

Aestii and Germania Edit

Germania and Kievan Rus Edit

Rome and GermaniaEdit

First off, Germania isn't Prussia's true father/grandfather. Aestii/Baltia is. But he's the dying Holy Roman Empire's father/grandfather, who is promised to Italy so they can become the Roman Empire together and the Holy Roman Empire can survive his disease. Speaking of marriage, Aestii/Baltia is planning on marrying Germania's baby bro Scandi/Kievan Rus/whatever else the Roman called him and Germania thinks this is A+++, but his baby bro don't think so. This is because he has a HUGE crush on Rome, who is obviously Germania's territory. Damn, these guys got a lot don't they? And this doesn't even cover that situation with Germany and Fem!France up there, bro. Lets not forget Rome and Germania's insane love/hate relationship which flips back and forth between war and cuddles faster than you can say "a verbis ad verbera". Courting Germania is never easy, and Rome is always struggling to please his man. After Rome's departed on a quest for a long while, Germania wonderfully 'forgot' about his love for Rome, and forced Rome to prove his love for Germania through quests. Rome tries his best to romance Germania, with drawings, serenades, and sweet talk, all to no avail. The two have also bickered about child support, but managed to settle it by marrying off their kin!

As of late, The relationship seems to be taking a turn, recently some SEX was implied and the two shared a kiss. Germania, while still very much :| in his manner, is at least begrudgingly going along with some of Rome's attempts at romance, and is constantly trying to subtly hint at his feelings.

First meeting

Rome tries to complete some quests

Rome is Germania's favorite character

Rome draws pretty pictures for his beloved

Some adorable singing by Rome for Germania

Rome made statues for Germania but Germania shot his advances down

Ich liebe dich thread

Germania can't be honest with his feelings

The two duke it out over "child support", which Germania heard about on the moving painting (television)

Rome has already gathered his kin and allies. Germania does the same here, and the UST between the two is ASTOUNDING

A Senate decision leads to the end of the war and towards a wedding of Germany and Italy

Inbreeding is bad, and a fight leads to a nice reward

Germania's being a liar. Again.

The entire thing is a wonderful pre-wedding thread

Will the real Germania please stand up? Please stand up.

Muns being cute and the usual banter

Their personalities are just switched...

Truths, silence contest, and a nice reward!

This is just plain funny

Hurt, hurt, hurt. They won't speak to one another

So they spoke. For a little while. It still didn't turn out well, and even made one anon sad

The bad boy of the bunch. Apologies, secret meanings, a fight, and finally they snuggle and sleep

...And as soon as they make up, a new conflict

Yet another fight, but this time Italy pops in, gets assured he can divorce Germany, and a bunch of eyes ruin the snugglefest after wards. Oh, the fight was spectacular by the way, and they laughed. Both of them. Germania laughed. Oh, and at the end they kiss

Mind reading thread! Man, there's a lot going on here, including bad jokes and Germania being embarrassed

It's strangely adorable, especially when Germania's embarrassed~

Peaches are treats, you know

What a man! Also, manners are indeed improving but not when it comes to goose

Implied sexual relationships

Aftermath of it, Rome brags cryptically and a dinner is promised. Sometime

Young!Germania and RomeEdit

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