RPers Edit


Cute Canada that's been around. Has silly nicknames for Kumajirou. Keeps getting dared to kiss other nations, the count is on 6... or 7? Who knows, kisses way too many guys! Has a tiny crush on Cuba and Portugal.


A quiet, overly polite Canada who speaks very quietly. Is slightly wussier than your average Canada, but just as endearing.


America's ass. With an axe. Hahahaha what.

i_am_manada Edit

*LJ *

Manry Canada. Enjoys harassing Poland from time to time.

il-se-souvient Edit

  • LJ (Quebec)

French!Canada is just sexy.

lumberjack_me / maple_sickles Edit

One seriously fucked up, but super horny communist!Canada. Once brutally murdered an anon because she was TAMPERING with his re-education. That and his general nuttiness led him to snap and become un-educated during the end of one of the World Conferences.

Currently in need of a lot of therapy. Lots... and lots of therapy. Also has had many sexy times with many people, including Fem!France. Is currently in a relationship with Estonia.

UPDATE! M_S was recently and messily exorcised out of L_M's body, and is kept locked away and under the care of a certain Discipline!Anon. L_M is now free and more or less happy with Estonia. M_S is going to be a father. But the meme's not supposed to know that.

mapleontop Edit

Wants a space ship. Is also on top of America. Was gone for a long while, but returned recently. Is dating one of the Taiwans now. Might have a crush on the Netherlands at the same time, though.

maplepint Edit

  • LJ (child)

Anons either try hard to traumatize him or work endlessly to protect him. Acts tough and badass during OOC threads.


matty_dada Edit

Lady Gaga's right hand man...except she doesn't recognize him.  Appears whenever Lady Gaga is mentioned.

milk_bags Edit

  • LJ (female)

mynameiscanada Edit

  • LJ Inactive

First Canada RPer of the meme. Believes that Cuba's place is full of angry people. Doesn't like saltine crackers - it makes his mouth dry.

namethat_nation Edit

  • LJ Inactive

Was once slated to go on several awkward dates with a Ukraine, but nothing came of it. Still seems to have a huge crush on her. Had a fist fight with not_america as well as a night of pure sexually awkward loving at some point in time.

not_america / cdr_beaver / totally_america / ehgolas / ehgg / dr_brahtsonEdit

  • LJ /LJ (Communist) / LJ (...America) / LJ (Legolas cosplayer) / LJ (egg) / LJ (Jude Law!!!)*

Living in Nunavut with Prussia.


AU Matthew Williams from the fanfiction General Relativity.

redmapleleafred Edit

she2she Edit

*LJ (female) *

Wouldn't mind a threesome with her male self and Netherlands.

stacked-hotcake Edit

  • LJ (female) A cute fem!Canada that appears once in a while.  Currently inactive, tho.
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