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4kyearoldvirgin Edit


Talks with a stereotypical Chinese accent with fail English that makes him ten times more hilarious. Spanks his concubines and younger siblings. Had a hot thread with Japan with spanking, so he is one of the reasons the meme has a spanking fetish.

Also has many, many concubines that adore him even if they like to act out in order to fish for spankings sometimes... but amazingly, is a virgin. Likes "tea" (read: opium). Determined to marry his younger sisters AND his female version, which elicits rather... special reactions from them.

According to various sources, he is, at heart, a dirty old man who "likes his dumplings tender". Went seeking for dumplings.

chinaaru Edit

chinatty Edit

Is bros with the rest of the Great Walls and should post more.

firewallchina Edit

IC China who is enjoyable at times.

firewallofchina Edit

He is bros with the rest of the Great Walls and Chinatty.

four_seas Edit

  • LJ (female)

A sexy female China.

fullmoon_cakes Edit

  • LJ (butt)

greatfirewall Edit

He is bros with the rest of the Great Walls and Chinatty.

hanfu Edit

Wonderful China who is really well-played and total bros with 4kyearoldvirgin. They are wonderful together. Need to pair up more often.

ni_nihao Edit

Somewhat neurotic, but still very funny and promising China. Frets over lots of things and keeps wishing things were like in the past.

romanceofthe Edit

A China of the Three Kingdoms era. POST MOAR, HON.

savingpandas Edit

xiaolongbaos Edit

  • LJ (female)

100% mother hen. Is in a relationship with her male self (4kyearoldvirgin), much to his family's confusion. Speaks in Chinglish, which some have trouble understanding. We love her for that, though, so mun shouldn't worry!

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