Chubmano (also called Chubbymano, Fat Romano/Fatty Romano) meme injoke born in part 3 or thereabouts, that refuses to die at this time of writing, much to the irritation of some Anonymous on the meme. As the title would suggests, the injoke revolves around Romano being chubby, that or so fat that Russia (a canon fatty) would be considered "obese".

After anons joked about Romano being a fatass and a comfort-eater, it became common for Anonymous to think of Romano as that and a thin/slender Romano as impossible. Some believe that Romano was simply a fat kid and is thus an "ex-fatass", though other anons insist that Romano could never be an "ex".

The injoke of Chubmano also created what is known as "fatwank": Forced and tired attempts at wank by an anonymous (believed to be Pallerlolz) or two who did not like the idea of Romano being anything more than a slender bishonen and having their mental images tarnished by the constant meme jokes. Fatwank!Anon is known for accusing memers of being disgusting "fat fetishes" who love to force their fetish on everyone, though not many anons seem to like Chubmano as a serious fetish. We think.

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