The colourfont anons are a group of anons that write in coloured text and roleplay with both RPers and one another. They popped up during Revolution '09 as anons taking separate sides in the Revolutionaries vs. Loyalists. Bluefont, Purple, and Darkred are the original three (with the first two being Revolutionaries, the latter a Tory), but others have since joined in; Olive has stuck around.


Colourfonts Edit

Bluefont Edit

Revolutionary. Still calls roguecarbon "sir", buhyoooo~ Accidentially killed al_kirkland with Russia's reset button. England used part of her soul to resurrect al_kirkland. Darkred poisoned her and she died, but Purple helped her soul stay; as more and more of her soul was used by al_kirkland her font colour got lighter and lighter. Before she disappeared forever, she went into the netherworld to look for England. She returned emptyhanded (but corporeal again). Gives gifts to Darkred and KICKS ASS WITH A BAT.

Purple Edit

Revolutionary. Knows Hawaiian chants and writes This Day in History. Stole Prussia's bird. A bit of a spitfire, repainted the Washington Monument after Russia painted it red, and NEEDS MORE INFO. Currently dating fail!commie.

Darkred Edit

Loyalist. Occasionally imitates Purple, usually with the intent to fool America or Bluefont 
(the latter rarely works). Both tsundere and seemingly yandere for Bluefont. "KISS HER, YOU FOOL." 
Extremely overprotective over al_kirkland but doesn't seem to like the older Americas.
Tries to delete the informations about her in this blurb.

Pink Edit

Olive Edit

Australian! Pretty cool cat. Olive has dropped out of the habit of playing with the colourfont anons and didn't mean to. She'll play again if she sees them.

Gold Edit

Kind of a bitch. She appears OCD; Green once described her as having a "janitor hero
complex". Everyone else is a "fool" and she insists she's the only one willing to take care
of things. SHE HAS WORK TO DO. Doesn't like al_kirkland and owns a crowbar.
 Is evil; kill on sight.

Orange Edit

Only hangs around to piss Gold off. B)

Gray Edit

Greyback Edit

A Confederate soldier anon. Debated with the Union. Hasn't gotten up to shenanigans with
the rest of the colourfonts. Not to be confused with Grey.


Appears to be mostly an observer. Has glasses! (uses both green font and the impact typeface)

 Notes everything in her notepad.
Clearly up to no good; do not trust. <= Is that Darkred's doing?

Highlight/Lavender Edit

An anon who compulsively highlights Purple's This Day In History since she pointed out the births, 
deaths and celebrations written in white to even out the dates weren't originaly bolded like the ones 
written in black (highlighting a TDIH will probably help you understand that). Decided to stick around 
Blue and Purple and chose her own color after a while. Neutral for the moment, she doesn't wish to take 
an active part in the RP.

Plot Edit

Revolution 2009 Edit

Summary up to 08/22/2009

The colourfonts fought. Often.

Death of al_kirkland/SOULS/Otherworld Edit

If I told you, I'd have to kill you.