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danskbroed Edit

Plays Denmark as if he was commenting on the internet himself.

dat_axe Edit

  • LJ (female)

A female version of Denmark that (like her male counterpart) is mostly only interested in the next time she'll get laid. Slept with one of the male versions of herself and is reported to have pretty large breasts.

dendenmakuuu Edit

  • LJ (child)

The term "Buhyooo!" was invented for this guy! Posts sporadically but is so damn cute that nobody can resist cooing over the little guy. Was recently tricked into giving a pedo-anon a blowjob but was saved by an anon and his older self. Has also just learned about what sex is and cannot wait to try it out with Norway.

Was absolutely heartbroken when Denmark!Pasta told him that he wanted to marry Italy (two of them). Everything is okay now that the bodyswitch event is over and older!Denmark clarified things.

Is currently on his first vacation ever with his elder self, little Hungary and Norway on their honeymoon.

duplodanish Edit

A Denmark to appear and though he's only posted a few times has left a good opinion with anons and fellow RPers. Has a camera made out of LEGO that grotesquely morphs whoever it has taken a picture of.

horny_viking Edit

The meme's longest running Denmark who lives in a constant state of arousal. Slept with many anon during his time on the meme. Took a vow of abstinence in order to woo Norway. (Surprisingly) succeeded despite being raped by a sexually frustrated anon. Got drunk and married the yandere version of himself and had a pretty stable relationship with him... Until they divorced on their anniversary.

Loves children to the point where he's opened a daycare center. Has adopted little Hungary as his "pretty little viking princess" and is fiercely protective over her.

Turned yandere once in an OOC thread and locked anon in a tower until she loved him. Is also a very good knitter and has crashed his car at least 20 times in 3 months.

Also appears to have a slight crush on Ukraine.

hvidt_kryds Edit

kingkongeriget Edit

kongenafnorden Edit

Usually found in the Dressing Room but has posted once or twice on the meme. Is regarded by several other DR goers asTHE Denmark.

mochimark Edit

  • LJ (blob)

The blob version of Denmark that bounces when happy and lets out the mysterious sound "dappe" when touched. Has humped several anons and RPers.

Is in love with, and unlike his human self, has actually gotten lucky with Norway himself and the mochi version of Norway.


A Denmark with a bad case of halitosis. It is recommended that you put a clothespin on your nose when speaking to him.

thenordicgod Edit

Appeared once to celebrated another Denmark claiming the meme as his own. Vanity kicked in and the two ended up making out.

He then teamed up with that same Denmark to try and seduce Germania. They failed.

whatsthehammer Edit

Denmark, circa 800-something. Invaded the meme - success of that venture is questionable. Seems to not usually have much on his mind aside from drinking and wenching. Sweden (Berwaldergang) tricked him into drinking a potion to turn him into a woman; afterward, Denmark appealed to Norway (Iceandheather) to fix it. Unfortunately for Denmark, Norway's first attempt at reversal turned him into an adorable rabbit instead of back into his old self. That spell was quickly fixed, and now not only is Denmark no longer a rabbit, he also has his dick back (and is very happy about it).

yanderemark Edit

Yandere version of Denmark. Loves violence, fighting, stalking people, rough sex and watching people through secret webcams. Wants Sweden to return his affections but has so far had little to no success in this field. Got into a fight to the death with the other Denmark to keep him away from Norway. Their fight ended in yanderemark being fucked into submission when it became evident that beating him up wasn't working. He then got drunk, married his other self and acted as the husband in their relationship. Smashed their house up when handed his divorce confirmation in rage but was managed to be convinced not to move out for the sake of their daughter. The two have been acting as "friends with benefits" since then. Has recently been stalking an anon that he gives nightmares to and has been noted several times as mentioning watching the other Denmark in the shower via hidden webcams.

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