RPers Edit

aisforanarchy Edit

  • LJ (Punk)

bisforbenefits Edit

  • LJ (Chav)

britanniafairy Edit

  • LJ (Britannia Angel)

Causes havoc like Muscular Romano, genderbends, etc. Will grant wishes, with favor towards England's of course. Has a pet Parasect whom is a tsundere for him.

britanniaseadog Edit

  • LJ (Pirate)

browbaby Edit

  • LJ (Baby)

A newer baby RPer. Has been getting a lot of flack from babyhater anon. Very cute though.

buck_an_ear Edit

  • LJ (Female)

bunnirisu Edit

  • LJ (Bunny)

englishpride Edit

A newer addition, usually appearing before or during dead-hour. Comes by every now and then to censor anything posted by fillegentille.


fat_england Edit

flag_of_britain Edit

  • LJ (Victorian!England)

foxhunts Edit

  • LJ (Gentleman!England)

frangleterre Edit

  • LJ (French England)

godsavetheu Edit

First England RPer of the meme.

goodgentleman Edit

imperia_brit Edit

  • LJ (female)

A very sexy, sexy female England. Serious and cool. IDK, reminds you of a sexy school teacher? Unf.

jeremyforpm Edit

lion-guardant Edit

All you need to know is that he ruins EVERYTHING.

misterunionjack Edit

mochigirisu Edit

  • LJ (mochi)

notyetset Edit

nyoigi Edit

  • LJ (female)

pinkcoppers Edit

  • LJ (Policeman)

One of the 'colour' police. Has been seen 'correcting' American spelling, trying to stop pubnvomit from making an even bigger fool of himself and attracting attention from naked anons.

plunderurbooty Edit

  • LJ (Pirate)

profartscaptain Edit

  • LJ (Farting Pirate)

A crack version of provostcaptain, who can be heard constantly farting.

provostcaptain Edit

  • LJ (Pirate)

Returned to us, but left us, then returned again. Has a pretty confusing sex life, imho. Has nearly fucked with el_imperialista (an Imperial!Spain) more than once, yet they always ended in disaster, leaving anons in despair.

In part 176, he lost a wager to peronotecalles and became his servant for the rest of the part. Hilarity ensued.

pubnvomit Edit

  • LJ (Drunk)

Seems to be permanently drunk and throws up everywhere, much to the chargrin of pinkcoppers.

pub_andgo Edit

An England who adopted tiny_limey as his 'son'. Known for once sleeping with notnotawesome and his lack of qualms for selfcest, he recently revealed to being in love with loyalistshearts - an America who is under a love spell.

rocker_in_plaid Edit

  • LJ (female)

A female England who has catfights with fillegentille from time to time and has a crush on shehon.

scone_cold Edit

A bitter, prude, OLD England who plays on the fatherly role in the CAFE/FACE (Canada, America, France, England) family. Has bad hips. Throw stones at him.

sconesofsteel Edit

sconetastic Edit

  • LJ (Super!Tsundere)

sensibltrousers Edit

sherlockengland Edit

somewhatcamp Edit

teaorgtfo Edit

teaoversex Edit

teawizard Edit

  • LJ (Hetalia Fantasia)

tiny_limey / eng_land Edit

  • LJ (child) /LJ (aged up)

Cute child!England. Has a bad relationship with Chibimano. Totally buhyoo material. After a near-death experience by the hands of Tony (on accident), his older self saved him with magic. This magic also caused him to age up but this has worn off now. Insists that Taiwan is his colony, but she ends up as his babysitter more often than not.

tophatengland Edit

Victorian-era England.

thatendswell Edit

An England who has managed to have his eyebrows discussed in depth by the meme and may or may not be a treasure's chest baby daddy. THOSE EYEBROWS. Also may or may not have a harem that consists of anon and not-anon RPers.


A kind and loving father figure who may or may not have fantasies about his former colonies.

whataveweere Edit

  • LJ (Policeman)


  • LJ(female)

wont-arrow-it Edit

  • LJ (American Revolution era)

wotwotinthebutt Edit

  • LJ (butt)
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