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binarysong Edit

  • LJ (inactive)

The Estonia with the longest, most consistent presence on the meme. First appeared in May during Eurovision. Has feelings for owned_russia, but does not want them to be known. Posts rarely, but generally there will be a couple of anons flailing at him when he does, including one or more anons who post at him in white text.

No longer appears on the meme.

chibistonia Edit



  • LJ (inactive)

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fattiestonia Edit

  • LJ (inactive)

Crack Estonia, based on a joke that Estonia is actually a fatty.


  • LJ (cat) (inactive)

mildace Edit

  • LJ (inactive)

nerd-attack Edit

An Estonia already popular for his antics. Currently in a new relationship with crazy Canada.

Loves helping people get new and better computers. Frequency of binary text comments and geeky pick-up lines increased significantly since his appearance.

owlstonia Edit

  • LJ (owl) (inactive)



The Estonia most frequently found on the meme. Very good, very serious and occasionally molested by anons. The mun has a tendency to accidentally deanon, to much amusement and buhyoo.

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