What sex toys would you recommend?Edit

"I'd recommend a slim vibrator, they're pretty cheap and very effective once you get playing around!" -dappledwings

I really have to fap but I can't find any private time. What do I do?Edit

"Bathrooms! Fap in the shower, say you've had a stressful day or something. Maybe at night while others are asleep?" -dappledwings

What are the pixiv tags for everyone?Edit

I'm sorry for answering your question with another question. Can someone link the list here?

The mod isn't updating automatically. Should we be worried?Edit

The mod has said that if she goes missing for week, then we should be worried.

I had a bad day. Can I have a hug?Edit

The answer is always yes. /hugs

What time is it where you are and what are you doing?Edit

11:22 PM EST, writing this article.

Is it always this fast/slow/dead/wanky?Edit

Watch and learn, young grasshopper.

Is everyone American?Edit

No, everyone is mr_louie. mr_louie is Canadian. Therefore, everyone is Canadian. QED.

WHY WON'T YOU DO WHAT I WANT? /shakes hairbrushEdit


Can I have a picspam of ____?Edit

Be patient and someone will probably drop by. Useful things: The picspammer account and the picspammer tool.

Is ____ a troll? :/Edit

Probably not.

Who's the ___ on the flag counter?!Edit

The Estonian? Yuu on the proxy.

Can someone tell me to go to bed?Edit


Is that you, Chi?Edit

If it has to do with Iceland, you're probably right.

Do Finnanons never sleep?Edit

Sleep is for Americans.

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