There are many anonymous citizens on the Axis Powers Hetalia anonymous meme, but there are some who have managed to rock this town so hard that they stand out among the rest of us.

This just in: Anon meme RP is serious business
Appeared during Revolution '09, these anons fight amongst themselves, usually Blue and Purple against Darkred. First spotted getting into a two-against-one fist fight over Loyalist vs. Revolutionary sentiment. Other anons have since joined the group, but Purple-Blue-Darkred remain the core three though Olive, Pink, Gold, Green and Lavender look like they'll stick around. Bluefont has written a summary of their interactions from her point of view here.
  • Animation anon
  • /murder anon
Showed up and /murder-ed everybody.
  • rage anon
  • siren hating anon
An anon known for their obsession with hating Siren. They spam the meme occasionally with their declarations of such, and become pissed at anyone who suggests they are "tsun-tsun" for obsessing over her. They claim that they cannot be productive if Siren is around, and stalk after her in their neverending attempts to make her leave the meme.
  • TERRORIST anon
Also known for being EXTREME anon.
Makes extreme advertisements for various nations. Previous advertisements include [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], and [9].
  • TOS gif anon
Posts Star Trek: The Original Series gif pictures at each part beginning. Once got first comment.
  • History day anon
Posts the historical events, important births, deaths and celebrations of the day.
  • Flower anon
Posts flower pictures. Celebrates a nation's birthday with their national flowers.
  • Baked goods anon
Posted baked goods every day during a wank.
  • Baked goods hating anon
Replied to each of baked good anon's threads saying they hate baked goods. Got fic.
  • discipline anon
Disciplines the meme. Is pregnant with maple_sickles's kid, but the meme's not supposed to know that.
  • Food porn anon
Posts pictures of orgasm inducing food everyday.
  • pooping anon, peeing anon, and their nonsensical friends
Say "I pooped" eyes.gif and variations of which.
  • Ukraine stalker anon
Posts messages telling Ukraine how much they love and want to have sex with her. Usually met with "Go back to bed, Denmark."
  • Credits anon
Posted a list of the anons, namefags and rp-ers who did memorable things during the part. MIA.
  • angry anon
Posts angry messages in all caps lock, usually to scold the meme when there's wank.

  • [smiles] anon
A commie - smiles all the time. And we mean all the time. Has the goal of re-educating whoever they can get their commie hands on. ... also a great listener. Died and came back on Hallowe'en as [sneers] anon, a vampire, and sired several progeny, including ufufu.  In a coma dead inactive after fighting Whistleblower!anon and bake_einsamcake (ufufu!mun would like to apologize for any confusion щ(ಥДಥщ) GDIT)
  • fail!commie anon
Was (I think?) converted by [smiles] anon into communism. Is very silly and not as creepy as [smiles] - is romantically linked to purple font!anon.
  • 4kyearoldvirgin's concubines
In general: Anons that belong to China. Do laundry, offer sexytimes (though he's a "virgin") and occasionally get spanked and have fights between each other.
  • Whistleblower!anon
 bake_einsamcake's trigger-happy assistant armed with a Taser/stake.  Often found summarizing world meetings and harassing commies, those who associate with commies, and fillegentille.  Died fighting the vampires.
  • Somewhere in the world!anon
 Posts pretty pictures of a place somewhere in the world. Once accidentally deanoned, but quickly amended this.
  • News!anon
Posts a bunch of links to recent news articles along with brief summaries
  • Dutchanons

An artist's impression

So very buhyoo, the pair have managed to win a place in our hearts as T-rex and L.
  • coding!anon
Gifted at coding, makes lovely templates for us that can be seen on the Codes and Templates page (note: the flags are by different anons).
  • ≁❀ (flower symbol!anon)
An anon who always adds a flower symbol to the end of her subject lines. Does ballet.
  • Servant!Anon
An anon who does what she's told to, such as getting tea or cleaning up a spill. Wears short dresses, so is often a subject of skirt flips. She pouts a lot.
  • Romanohater anon
An anon that hates all Romanos and wants them off the meme. Suspected to also be the stalker-anon that harasses baby Romano and wanks about them forever for ignoring their /murders post.
  • Babyhaters
Anons that hate on baby nations and abuse them for either the thrill or because they actually hate children. Can be seen kicking and punching baby nation RPers as well as wanking about them. It is assumed that one or perhaps all of them might be the baby Romano-stalker too, for how passionately angry they can get about babies.
  • ENDO!anon

An anon who occasionally rates the last comment of a part as either "GOODO" or "BADDO". These ratings can usually be found on the first page of a part.
  • #31
First appeared during the meme Battle Royale. BAMF, armed with an Uzi and a short temper. Hopelessly in love with molotovcoctails. Tops everyone, except coffee.