By some inexplicable universal rift, there were two Russias. Then they both became one and, exploiting yet another inconsistency in cosmic logic, splooged forth offspring. This was dubbed the Glorious Communist Family' ('GCF for the lazy), and it must be noted that it is glorious indeed, save for Failure Child Vovochka who is only useful as wolf bait. When the GCF is bored, they play a game of Hammer, Sickle and Steel Pipe, in which Hammer defeats Sickle, Sickle cuts through Steel Pipe, and Steel Pipe reeducates Hammer. If you lose, Communists come to your house and take you away.

It's canon now!

The Mother Russias

holodnaya_voyna (dubbed "Blue Collar Motherland")

ivanbraginski (dubbed "Red Flag Motherland")

The Glorious Communist Children

Vanya or Ivan (perhaps if the Motherlands lay off the vodka for a bit...)

Ivan or Vanya (... they might be able to make their minds up on which one is which.)

Ivanna (is being raised to be Proper Communist Woman. Presence of male genitalia is a non-issue.)

Vovochka (is unfortunate Failure Child, except for when being used as firewood or an icy lawn ornament.)

All of which share an account: minibraginskis

Family Pet

(mutated) mochimerica

Glorious Communist Family ChartEdit

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