• LJ (child)

The second smallest of all the Hungaries, who is coming to terms with being a female. Wants to grow up to be a good warrior and was taken under Denmark's wing to be trained. Often walks in on her two fathers having sex. Doesn't get along with the "male" kid version of herself because of the other's disdain of action girls.

elizabeth_h / soviet_hungaryEdit

Offers cake and sweets to the meme and enjoys looking after several of the meme's younger inhabitants.Is pretty good friends with Prussia, despite fighting with each other like cat and dog. Got brainwashed by Russia, but reverted back to her regular self after she was raped by Prussiablob (godmodded by you know who) and rescued by the America twins. Is currently one of the objects of Rome's affection and is unfortunately on the receiving end of his marriage proposals and gift giving.


Newest Hungary on the meme.


  • LJ (male)

A male Hungary that woos the ladies with ease. Is married to a female Austria and loves her dearly. Had never had sex with another man until Denmark managed to trick him into bed.


A Hungary who tends to show up unexpectedly. Comments during hot sexy action between other rpers.


A parody version of Hungary based around a (bad) drawing that anon found a while ago.

my_fryingpan / pureheartedpervEdit

A Hungary who has been accused once in a while of being too clingy towards the Austrias in the meme, but is quite decent otherwise. Whether the RP matters will be resolved, settled, etc. remains to be seen.


A young lady that's in love with Austria and hates Prussia with a passion. Is often the victim of Denmark's groping and has been affectionately nicknamed "Jugs" by him because of the size of her breasts. Was finally seduced into bed by him during a Truth or Dare thread and despite her loud complaints about his technique has been caught secretly admitting that he was great. Teamed up with another version of herself once to watch and take pictures of male/male couples having sex. Had sex with Denmark again after discussing the prospects of a special Danish-Hungarian interrogation room in the new anon meme prison.


  • LJ (child)

A young version of Hungary (and the youngest of the two) that still believes they are a boy. Hates his other (young) self and believes that she is too weak. Also is harboring a crush on young Ukraine. Is currently trying (and failing) to start a war with Bulgaria.

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