Body Part RPers Edit

disembodiedwee Edit

A floating dick.

Food and Drink RPers Edit

bubblymilktea Edit

A glass of bubble tea. Not to be confused with bubbleteatime. Magically refills itself once the drinker is done.

deliciouspasta Edit

A plate of pasta that is very delicious. Loves both Italy and Romano and is known to have a human form. Gets scared and starts to cry quickly, extremely easy to intimidate. Is a bit clueless about the world. Looks like Denmark when eaten.

dimsum_heart Edit

Dim sum. Ends sentences in "~aru". Cheerful and always anxious to be eaten.



A hot cup of tea.

lonelyfruitcake Edit

Is insecure about itself. Just wants to be loved.

memeburger Edit

A very awesome hamburger. Looks like Prussia when eaten.

memechurro Edit

A churro that is not happy to be eaten.

notjustalie Edit

Delicious cake. Looks like Belarus with pink hair when eaten.

omnomoreos Edit

Oreos. Usually accompanied with a tall glass of milk.


Panino. Delicious Panini.

saltinekrakr Edit

Saltine crackers.

smooth_choco Edit


sweetnotsavory Edit

Pie. Mr_louie

tasty_pancakes Edit

Cute pancakes.

Furniture RPers Edit

anonmemeslide Edit

A slide that surprisingly wasn't broken during its first appearance. Looks like little Romano after being broken. Is married and female at the moment. Her name is Tony.


Slide's younger brother. Looks like little Veneziano after being broken.

diningroomtable Edit

An elegant French-style dining room table. Is flipped a lot. Has a hobby of tabling data for the wikia.


Beware of falling pianos. One of Austria's.

flipping_table Edit

A simple, functional table. Perfect for flipping. Is also flipped a lot.

memepiano Edit

Austria's piano, also has a habit of falling.

memetable Edit

A table you can see on the meme. Perv. Is also, unfortunately, flipped a lot.


A treasure chest who is in love with England.


Cousin to the slide, looks like Rome when broken.


New slide in the meme.

Other RPers Edit

ciaocuntface Edit

guidolovino's Vespa

wonderweegee Edit

Ouija board.

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