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You're looking at it already, but for the sake of completeness:

APH Anon Meme Wiki

Tinychat Edit

/aphanonmeme or sometimes /aphanonchat

  • No, you don't need to make an account to use tinychat. Just change your nickname to whatever you want when that little window pops up.
  • You don't need a webcam or mic either--there's text chat, and you can still see and hear the people with cams and mics... ≖◡≖ come and watch the buhyoo memers.
  • Your webcam/mic will not automatically turn on when you enter the chat room; you must first give tinychat permission to access them.

AIM Chat Room Edit

Instructions if you have the official AIM client: Edit

  1. Add yourself to your buddy list.
  2. Right click yourself > Group Chat
  3. Change the Chat Room name to aphanonmeme.

Instructions for meebo: Edit

  1. Sign in using your meebo id.
  2. Click the group chat icon (the little smilies surrounding a speech bubble at the top of the contact list).
  3. Make sure the correct account is selected.
  4. In the chat room field, type aphanonmeme.

Twitter Edit


A public account open to all memegoers. Don't follow it if you don't want the whole meme to be able to see your locked tweets. You are anonymous as you think you are.

APH Anon Dressing Rooms Edit


Casual roleplay, mostly unrelated to whatever plots are being played on the meme. Currently inactive.


Same idea as the first.

Backup Memes Edit


We emigrate here when aphanon maxes. Currently inactive.


We emigrate here when both the meme and the first backup max.


Created without research into the existence of an anonmeme for Hetalia. The backup of the second backup...?

Picspam AccountEdit


The password for the account is buhyoo1. Can be used by anyone who needs to picspam anonymously. Currently inaccessible.


The replacement picspam journal when the password for the previous picspam journal was changed. The password for the account is buhyoo1 like the last one. Edit

Where to upload micwhore files so people can stream them instead of having to download each file to their computer

  1. Login to
    Password: buhyoo
  2. Go into the appropriate micwhore folder.
  3. Click Upload > Add files
  4. In the popup, navigate to where the recording is on your computer and double click it.
  5. Click Upload.

Please try your best to make your recordings mp3s. They are the only filetype that will stream. If you don't have a file conversion program, you can convert them online at sites like Zamzar.

Vocaroo is another option for micwhore files without having to download.



Anyone can submit meme stuff to be posted to this Tumblr.


One anon's collection of things posted on the meme.


An abandoned Tumblr open to all anons. Made on the same night as the original Twitter.


A new Tumblr supposedly moderated by a group of memers, posting old and new pictures alike.


APHMeme's Bookmarks

A delicious full of links from the meme. Very RPer-centric.


Confess, my child.

Aphanon - MyMiniCityEdit

Embodiment of Aphanon in the form of the city. Comes with a news bulletin for the public opinion of Aphanon.

One click per day for one of the following links contributes towards the city:

1. Increase population- http://aphanon.myminicity. com/ (remove spaces, spam filter won't allow for proper formatting)

2. Increase industry- http://aphanon.myminicity. com/ind

3. Improve the transport network- http://aphanon.myminicity. com/tra

4. Increase security- http://aphanon.myminicity. com/sec

5. Improve environment- http://aphanon.myminicity. com/env

6. Increase business- http://aphanon.myminicity. com/com

It is recommended that you check the stats at http://aphanon.myminicity .com/xml first before clicking.

XML Guide:
There will be nine numbers on the xml sheet. From left to right, they represent:

1. Ranking

2. Population

3. Revenue

4. Unemployment

5. Transportation

6. Crime

7. Pollution

8. Next Nuke

9. Signatures

I'm uncertain of the last two categories, but they don't seem to have any effect on the city itself, so they're not important.



Parts 1-21


Parts 22-50


Parts 184-193


Parts 246-

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