Some of the common types of thread available on the meme.

Regular threadsEdit


These threads usually happen during the dead hour to see just how many people are actually there but not posting new threads. Also spring up whenever people want so survey things such as; 'Who is watching the ___/___ thread', 'Who's up for ___?'


Anons get together and post their personal canons for the characters.


Anons and non-anons all get together and post their photos. Hetalia has a very sexy fandom: trufax.


Participants record themselves saying something and post it in the assigned thread. There is usually much flailing over the accents of the Euro and Britanons.


People take pictures/screencaps of their desktops and share them with the meme.

WIP (Work In Progress)Edit

Artists and Ficwriters of the meme post a chunk/picture of whatever they're working on. Pointless but fun :)

Fic/art requestsEdit

Very nice people with talent/spare time will offer to write/draw anything of anon's choice for them for free. This blurber has never seen this in another fandom- y so nice, guys?


Write a message or scan something you have on hand and post it. Simple harmless fun.

Language helpEdit

Multilingual anons offer their help to anons who need help with a foreign language in the fic/art they're working on.

Letters to people who will never read themEdit

Anons write "letters" of things they really want to say and post them. Kind of like post secret but with 130% more support.


What it says on the tin. Confessions often range from serious things to just plain silly. Now has competition with the meme confessional.

Ask a ____ anon / Ask me anythingEdit

People make a comment in a thread and then people ask them something. Usually come in the form of "Ask a (Nationality)-anon!" and people will as them questions about their country/beliefs.


Post who you have a crush on! All crushes count; 2D, RL, E-crush.

Love threadsEdit

Post what you love about the meme/the world/something else! Nearly always descends into a giant hugathon.

Hate threadsEdit

Post what you hate about the meme/the world/something else! Usually used to get things off of your chest.


Usually come about when one anon has a sudden brainfart moment and posts it to the meme for lulz and others join in with their own brainfarts. Very lulzy.

What are you listening to?Edit

Post what you're listening to! (In the form of a youtube video of that song)


A fun event that anyone can join in with! One anon will start the thread, anons are then given a theme and then 20 minutes to draw something hetalia/meme related to that theme. No talent/art programme needed! Grab your mouse, fire up MS-paint and scribble. Very very fun.


Exactly the same as the drawathon but with fics! Those of us who cannot draw are given the same rules as the drawathon and write little fic drabbles instead. Also very fun :)


Deanon/namefag for a comment then quickly delete. The aim is for others to get to the 'reply' page and call you out before your comment is deleted, resulting in a rather odd-looking thread.

Twitter/Tumblr/Formspring Sharing ThreadsEdit

Memegoers post links to their Twitters , Tumblrs, and Formsprings. There is a small directory of memegoers so far.

Deanon ThreadEdit

Point is to reply deanon to the thread. Anons can deanon in these threads just to show whose currently browsing the meme, without actually becoming namefags themselves.

Guess the drawfag/RPerEdit

Artists or RPers post as anon to the thread and some way or another (eg. based on drawing/writing style), others identify them. Some memegoers have trouble being recognised while others are always completely transparent.

RP threadsEdit


RPers that volunteer themselves for it are given anonymous, and truthful, criticism by anons.

Truth or Dare=Edit

RPers (and namefags and some anons) post in the thread and are then give dares to act out with other RPers/anons by users. In truth mode they simply have to answer the questions anons pose to them honestly.


RPers RP with each other OOCly. Examples: Latvia with confidence, Italy liking order and tidyness, Denmark turning yandere, Prussia being an 80s hippy, Germany being messy, Sweden talking normally, Poland dressing like a man, Canada being loud and abusive.

Ask the MunEdit

RPers post on their RP account but answer any questions that anons have over their character as the player, not the character.

God ModEdit

Anons tell the RPers how to act and for how long and they have to do it. Although it is labeled as a GodMod thread, RPers are allowed to reject anything they feel they cannot do.

I never ____Edit


Everyone gets a pad of sticky notes. Write something on them, post them on a rper of your choice, passing anons and rper's follow what ever is written. Rpers have no idea what is written on the sticky notes, and can remove/change them when they notice it on them on other rpers.

World Meeting ConferenceEdit

RPers hold a world conference. Lots of crazy shit happens.

Like so: Part 43, 67, 83, 120, 154, 156,