part 115 golden camels: WTF HAPPENED HERE?Edit


In a Nutshell

Part 115 in a nutshell, courtesy of anon.

Headcount with reactions.

Spam and more spam spam spam.Pages 23 - 27 was filled with spam and spam. As you can see the natives thrive on spamming and shaking our fingers at each other.

Basic happenings:Edit

Here is a summary and links about what happened. COPY PASTA TIME FUCK YEAH (Essentially it all starts from page 10 onward with too many "What happened?"- and other related threads to cite) Anon says they'd like to punt Romano; several other anons (+ little England) join in and they essentially kick / stomp / beat him to death =>

Afterwards the corpse vanishes (is possibly burned, thrown into the sea or made into pie => various threads on pages 11 - 12)

Chibitalia misses his fratello ;_; =>

Due to Chibimano's death all older Romanos as well as all South Italians (including Odie) cease to exist =>

Several attempts at a resurrection are started.

Anon twice performs a ritual including diamonds which results in a partial resurrection of the South Italians, but not of Romano => part one and part two

The dragon balls appear and spread all over the meme; until now only four have been found =>

Wales performs an ancient ritual that sucessfully revives Romano, but he hasn't been found yet =>

Rome saves Romano after fighting the heavens.He promises to punish those who were responsible.