so steamy

Mr Bluie is the celebration of the wonderful love between mr_louie and bluef0x. Although they deny it, the meme knows that they secretly want to bang each other. Which, according to Mr_Louie, is going to happen when Blue visits her in Canada. That will be on October 17, 2009, so make sure to mark your calendars.

Their love is pure and true and Blue is the only one Mr_Louie could ever have feelings for. Louie is bet_on_burgers's rival in love, and she is known to go into fits of jealous rage whenever Blue and Bet on Burgers are together.

Louie is really tsun-tsun on the inside. Blue makes her act like a jealous, pouty baby all the time. And, while Blue is normally a sweetheart, she's totally going to dominate her in bed, okay?

Here is a quote from Mr_Louie's twitter:


Guess who she's takin' there.

And hey, what's not to like? They're both adorable tiny asian girls.

It's also totally canon.

Here are some other quotes from Mr_louie's twitter, posted a few days before Blue comes :

  1. Just thinkin about tomorrow~ Bet yer big mac burger that tomorrow~ THERE'LL BE BLUE~9:52 AM Oct 16th from txt
  2. Today it's quite GRAY and GROSS and RAINY so I stick up my chin and grin and saaay~9:54 AM Oct 16th from txt
  3. Tomorrow~ tomorrow~ Blue'll be here tomorrow~ it's only a day away~9:55 AM Oct 16th from txt
  4. P.S. Disregard all that I'm a fag.9:56 AM Oct 16th from txt

Also, Blue can recognize Pie out of a sea of anons. TWU LUV!!