An exhilirating game where one posts to the meme logged-in, then attempts to delete the comment as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, other memers try to catch posters by replying to them. It was originally called the "De-anon-anon Competition", but a clever anon came up with an excellent new name in part 104.

Rules Edit

  • It only counts as a catch/tag if you replied to the post.
  • Reply with the name of whoever you caught. Otherwise it's impossible to keep track!
  • Don't try to start a game too often. We know it's fun, but too much of a good thing is annoying.

Tips Edit

  • After you get to the reply box, it doesn't matter how long you take to post. Thus, captcha should not be a factor.
  • View the Name Tag thread in its own window so it won't collapse so quickly (obvious but it was a d'oh moment for this anon)

Rounds Edit

Ranking Table Edit

COMING SOON. All anon posts will be considered one player, unless they belong to a recognizable anon. We will dominate the charts B)

In progress: finished counting # of times tagged for rounds one and two

Some observations

Goddamn Pell you're one hell of a sniper. You'll probably have the highest total when I finish the "tags" chart.

Tabulating results of rounds of name tag held during live hour is щ(ಥДಥщ)

Mari seems to have a high success rate in avoiding capture, judging from all the responses saying "FINALLY GOT YOU", but there's no way to prove it.

bunni is the easiest to catch!

Rank is based on the average # of tags/times tagged per round. It'd be nice if we could calculate success rates too, but it's nearly impossible to collect the data needed for that.

Numbers will not add up because a lot of people forgot to reply with the name of the person they tagged. :|

Tags Edit

The higher the average # of tags, the higher the rank.

Rank Account Total # of Tags Total # of Rounds Played Average # of Tags per Round

Tagged Edit

The lower the average # of times tagged, the higher the rank. OK, people could throw off this table by only sniping others and not putting themselves out there, but come on, this is all for fun. Not to mention, what we really care about here is who's the easiest to catch.

Each reply to an attempt counts as one time tagged.

Rank Account Total # of Times Tagged Total # of Rounds Played Average # of Times Tagged per Round
1 (Anonymous) 0 0