Blurbs about the namefags, or named users, who frequent the otherwise all-anonymous anon meme. These guys face hatred, adoration and the perils of being shipped with each other for the sake of... well, nobody really knows.

A - FEdit


Very happy and likes to give hugs. If asked, can write tl;dr comments about Poland. Married to yuuago.


From Sweden. Can see Denmark from her window. Very sweet.


Does science and stuff. Knows what the hell a C-flat is. Has real life people on her Twitter that question her sanity.


A beloved member of the meme who is obsessed with anything Greek and is totally hot for communism. Also enjoys speaking in Russian. Almost always pops up when someone brings up Turkey/Greece. Casually comes to visit when not engrossed in soccer games.


Troll. Is totally tsun-tsun for penis anon. Apparently thinks Micheal Jackson was never acquitted of his charges. Is probably eating junk food right now.


The original Nordicfag.  Sings and does voices. Mourns that she will never be able to get Iceland into her bunk. Mistakenly believed there was a mountain "Hi Chi" in Mulan when everyone in her Mulan livestream started saying it when in fact, the feed had switched to her webcam.


Boring. Is also a furry. A boring furry.


A pear. She's exactly who you think she is.


A cheerful namefag that pops up here and there. Is male.


The great one. Our Lord and our Saviour. Always comes first. Has never actually posted to the meme, but is a namefag nonetheless.


Often found obsessing over America/Japan, or talking about doujin at length, or both at the same time. Appears to be a sensible person.

G - LEdit


Makes jewelry. And will mail it to you!


A namefag who only posts in the first few pages of each part. Has recently popped back up again. Hiding underground. Posts more regularly.


A young master who looks suspiciously like Hong Kong. Has a super meido and several sweethearts.


Despite her name, posts quite a lot. RPs fruited_plain... among other things. Plot should stop shipping her.

luci (formerly jyuunishi)

Responsible for the Hetalia Twitter icon trend.

M - PEdit


Likes mangoes and America in his pilot cap.

miezen (previously maryohki)

Has a grudge against gay Austria and US/UK. Adores Hungary/Austria and believes it really is the one true pairing. Very vocal about her shipping preferences and what constitutes as "canon" and "not canon", which has landed her in wanking waters. tl;drs


Does skincare and makeup. Also very artsy-craftsy and good at cosplay. Irl friends with thelaurasaur. Not always very active on the meme, but does still occasionally pop up.

okay (formerly haircurl)

Uwaaah, roleplays North Italy and Chibimano, along with others, on the meme. Uwaaah, makes icons! Uwaah, she's good at manga coloring! Uwaaah, she says "uwaah" a lot. She is also the first to reply to 50% of new threads. Loves cheesecake.

Q - ZEdit


Brazilian. Brazil. Really cool girl who isn't afraid of anything - even cancer.

rationelle (previously tashiro_kun)

Tea-drinking Anglophile whose identity was something of a mystery-- until part 131, that is. Formerly mistaken for a man before the LJ name change; curses and says "dude" a lot. UPDATE: caught in a bad romance with the assassin, partridge anon.

rugbrod (formerly lawsuite)

a.k.a. Tesla. Bakes and RPs Estonia, was formerly an engineering student.

spikaleido (previously ofspica)

A Canadian who tends to provide useful/interesting links or information. Has a cute Fate/Stay Night icon. And a very wonderful England icon. Creator of several meme related websites. Is mod.


An Irish namefag who once posted about the Russian ice skater Plushenko endlessly. Now she does it... kinda less just as often. A dick sometimes. Rumours have it that she's having an on again, off again relationship with mr_louie. Has broken it off with Plushenko and moved on to Carl Sagan and funk music.


A friendly memegoer. A huge shipper of Poland/Lithuania and pretty much always appears when baltics are brought up. Uses the ;3; face and all of its relatives. Not a dinosaur.


Tiniest derp. Deadhour namefag. Chinomi stalker and ficcer extraordinaire. RPs dam_stijl. Will talk your ear off if you let her.


Rarely pagetops. Notable for a mesmerizing assortment of icons.


a.k.a. Plot. Super-nice. Streams things. Has several children.


Artist. Has a distinctive sense of humour.


One of the main community's mods who has joined the dark side. Is super nice and often provides doujinshi scans. Loves Turkey.


Likes the Nordics and Estonia a lot. Would fuck Norway, hard. Can't anon to save his life. Is a coffee addict. Will tl;dr about Estonia anything if prompted to do so. Hilarious when drunk. Married to Tik (amarie_val ). :|


Mama Greece from Tegaki E. So adorable you can't even.

Retired Namefags Edit

Note: Some still go on the meme as anon but they no longer post logged in.


Is tsundere and likes to cockpunch people. Can be found on Skype chat at pretty much any time. Left the meme for a long time, but has returned with cupcakes. Rumor has it a large cupcake made off with her.


Has many fans of her default icon.


Hella tells people the shit off when they mess with her. Fuck yeah! Had a baby with Holland. One time she was really sick yet managed to live through sheer force of will. Really belongs on the RPers page. Health and fitness guru, she is the meme BAMF and totally capable of kicking your ass.


Loves HSM and draws fabulous, hilarious things. Also a total flake and will draw anything if you ask her to.mr_louie has an awkward boner for her. And by awkward boner we mean love. Bro love. Maybe.
BREAKING NEWS: They had a secret marriage ceremony during blue's first visit to Canada, the homeland of gay union.

bubbole (formerly millakokujo)

An Italian namefag who is prone to misreading things, which results in adorable fail.


Is still the hottest member of the meme via wearing suspenders and looking cool. Is an all around nice person. Has acquired the title of Meme Dyke. Will spring a leak at the mention of latin hetalia. Left and took all traces of time spent on the meme with her.


Artist and hilarious RPer. Australian. Ching chong. Invisible.


Historyfag for the Middle East. Also rages tremendously at politics.


Britfag who fails epically at cold turkey. Complains a lot. Has a British accent and can often be heard saying sweet'art. Appears to have a thing for Kangaroos. Has a boner for Hong Kong/Belarus. Active on twitter, but mostly dead on the meme. Currently having raunchy sex with Smoorfi in an unknown location in the English wildernes. Possible Liverpool. *shakes fist at you all* Goddammit you guys!


Metal head cosplayer whose been around since part 3 but took a break from namefagging for the majority of parts. Married to Nocturnical. Also roleplays a Finland that is NOT pregnant. Has had wank over allegations of insensitivity. She doesn't even go here anymore.

dropsofgleam (formerly miyuki_mina)

Edits pages on tv tropes and easily irked by misogyny. Very likely to deanon for threads involving such subjects. A self-proclaimed ninja, but not a very good one. Had bad icons, but changed them for the better. Also can't read the atmosphere, and when she tries, it gets worse. Mostly dead to us, but still comes here and there. Sees you everywhere.


A sunflower.


Description here.

fishlegs (formerly itoshikinozomu)

Voted "most mischievous" during our takeover of some random person's circle-jerk. Perpetrator of Gurowar '09. First became famous by writing Mochimerica sex fic. Indian.


An old namefag who disappeared for a while, but has now returned. But now she's gone again.


Youko-clone II created during the hatememe trolling. Namefag? "Long story short, is the result that comes out when an RPer and a Namefag love each other very much." Inactive.


Most recently punchy, who was previously warsex, who was previously mishima, who used to be warsex (again), who was formerly radio_pyongyang. Has an obsession with usernames. Sometimes scares members of the meme with her icons. No longer active. Dead to us.


A lemon. She's exactly who you think she is. Frequently posts during dead hour invisibly.


Spends her entire life travelling the world looking for APH fanart, just so she can post them on the meme for your pleasure. Any time you need them.


RPs everyone and their mother.


Drew the first Thailand/Bulgaria porn ever in part 42. Also the "Canada" of the mr_louie/bluefox/teruhiko artist threesome. She is a ridiculously talented little 3 year old.


Is not a lolita panda.


A namefag who never came back plays pirate England (provostcaptain) at random. Said she left, but did not. Ships England/Spain. Is gone again.


Prussiadrabblenotanonanymoreanon. Also known as mandolineuser. I would like Prussia/Russia where they go the beach and build Communist sandcastles, please. Is on hiatus.

majidarou (formerly mozaemonpico )

Also known as Momo. Abuses the word "lawl". Often mistaken for a Korea RPer. Says "bukyoo" instead of "buhyoo" for some reason. Has azn pride. Left for the kpop meme.


Dumbass. Roleplayed a failtastic female Norway and an even worse Prussia blob that violently raped one of the Hungaries. Claims to have aspergures. Occasionally returned to the meme to plead for forgiveness, only to screw up 5 minutes later by saying something completely idiotic.


One half of the Bulgaria invasion. Writes good fic and draws very silly things. Also likes baking! Dead to us.


Everyone is mr_louie. And mr_louie is a dick. No one has any respect for him anymore. Is actually a chick. PUNS. Is especially adept at making puns on the name of a certain Italian prime minister. Easily identified by shark icons. Deleted, purged, and anonymously visits. warning: mr_louieisnotactuallyadickanyclaimsmadebythisarticlearenotsupportedbythefdatalkingtomrlouiemayresultinseverebuhhyobecauseofhercuteness


An elusive creature from the jungles of Venezuela. Local villagers say that every night you can hear the cries of pain and pleasure of a young anon getting the silly spanked out of them. Probably on a Venezuelan desk. Mumu also enjoys Ito and long walks on the beach. And he is a teacher with awful, awful students that make for great storytelling. Memetic sex god.


Hugging her "IS EVEN BETTER THAN HUGGING GOEBBELS." Loves England and the rest of the UK brothers. Uses adorable, but sometimes confusing, fail english. Rubs our tummies. On a unicorn hunt with England.
  • NEWS JUST IN is conducting passionate but tentative affair with scot-anon.


Enjoys Iceland and porn. An interesting specimen. fem!Alexander Rybak. Puts on a sweet face, but they were secretly absolutely crazy and had a terrible personality. Has now forsaken the meme for Inazuma Eleven. No longer likes Hetalia and isn't on the meme.


Has an older, younger, gar and pagetopping version of herself. The other half of the Bulgaria invasion. Denies being the meme's mummy. ;3; Sweet, like a fine wine with sugar poured in because you were already drunk when you decided it needed some sugar. Voted the Hottest Canadian on the meme. ;3; Invisible.


A French namefag, who fails at grammar in a cute way. Also responsible for the Holocaust.


Troll. Is an ass. Harbours a strong dislike for Italy and a love of Germancest. Also the sound one makes when trying to find a word. Like pl.. plala.... pleluha. Palllyllalllaa? Pulululullu... Pleasant?


Scandifag. A whore. Cannot post fanart anonymously without being called out. Currently fawning over an unnamed Norwegian boy. Perhaps in Norway.


Teal deer's quite often. Nerd. Owl icons. No longer active on the meme.


Newfag who jumped right into the namefag pool. Eh namefags and doesn't afraid of anything.


Writes some kickass fic (even when All He Ever Wanted can be... polemic among some groups). Bends tl;dr over her desk and makes it her bitch. Has not reappeared on the meme since the early parts. Has returned! Has left again.


Drawfag. Comes from the Faroe Islands.


Got the very first comment. Thought the mod was a jackass. Mention Russia and she's there.

roguecarbon (previously andromedacblack)

Comic book geek who nevertheless manages to be cool. Currently travelling with Billy and Johnny.


The most dignified butler on the meme. Also secretly a Disney princess. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚'✿,。・:*:・゚'❁


Drawfag. Israeli. Is super cute. In training.


BOOBS. CACTUS. Has a creepy stalker and loves Thai food.


One of the rarer sex. Has a love for cuddles. Once wore a banana hat for reasons unknown. Has a maple syrup problem. Some anons find him cute while others find him creepy as fuck. Left the meme.


American namefag who has a massive boner for France and the French language. Sometimes get mistaken for a France RPer.


Sometimes known as vivi_string of random numbers. One of the dreaded but sexy lolsogeographic mods. No longer namefags. No longer mods lolsogeographic either. But still sexy. 8)


So very excitable. Loves Estonia and little girls. Made the *runs across the meme slicing up shit* joke. ♥ Not very vocal of recent.

wepe (formerly i_tan)

super nice namefag ^_^ draws kawaiiz moemanryfurryfatty versions of aph characters. Likes wank and dislikes love threads with the burning passion of a thousand suns from time to time evolves into a hugank-mongering cock extraordinaire. /diff anon: Oh come on now.


Portuguese and androgynous. Is the Putin to Bunni's Medvedev. B) Hard to see.