blueskywhitesun Edit

A sweet and polite Taiwan who seems to be from the KMT times.

bubbleteatime Edit

A more hot-blooded and outspoken Taiwan. She's quite the fujoshi and is also a bit of a geek. Is in a love triangle with Hong Kong and Kowloon. And is said to be pregnant with Kowloon's child.

formosakid Edit

  • LJ (male)

Male!Taiwan, brother of xiaolongbaos. A bit clueless, but a good kid. Utterly hates both female and male China.


One of the first Taiwans in the meme, she used to have a big tiger hanging around but stopped relying on him. She's squicked to tears by China's wish to either marry her (at first) or get her engaged to someone else (after he got involved with girl!China), and sometimes tries to help Vietnam fend off a certain concubine. When not doing that, she loves feeding street market food to meme-goers.

Taiwan tried to slap sniper!Finland around for picking fights and got a bruised wrist for her recklessness, and later was groped by one of the Hong Kongs (and later by other people) because of an anon's dare. Has small boobs and being envious of her friend Ukraine's huge ones. Escaped at least thrice from a certain commie!Canada's sexual urges (at the cost of her panties and making herself look like a moron) but also managed to befriend his other self, and little England insists that she's his colony even when she acts like his mother.

She is also close friends with Latvia and many times the two are often mistaken to be a couple. Is now dating one of the Canadas and at war with eyes.gif ever since she tried to capture and keep them in a jar FOR SCIENCE.


a male Taiwan. (inactive)


  • LJ (inactive)

wanmeimei Edit

A Taiwan who appeared earlier on the meme and disappeared after a while, but has recently returned. Is very cute and cheerful, but also REALLY meddlesome and loves gossip like nobody else.


  • LJ (child)

Plucky, bratty and lovable little Taiwan. Loves fishing and hunting (or at least trying to do so).

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