Shipping DruMuItoGo

Cooky loves Plushenko

Einsamkeit, Kitty_Fo

Venezuelan Wood

Roleplayers, Tegaki

I am Mister Louie

Fatty Russia, One True Pairings,

Hipster Romano

Greek_classmate, J-fen

Bad artists back again,

Blob porn, Bulgaria

And mochi America

Why so Kawaii Desu

The return of DruMu

Our headcanon, IP logging

You all get a flogging

Ito’s Guro, Art requests

TMI threads about sex

Boom de Yada, Attention whores

Soda or Pop

Namefags, Image Bombs

Bunny Mamen's moral qualms

Fangirls, vespas

We are all gay for Dru

Sexy Misfire

Hey, White Seychelles, What the Fuck?!

Eurovision, Meme crushes

Some namefags post too much

Sex bomb, terrorists,

Detective Dru, maxing missed

Omegle, Russia’s nose

Guro Wars have gotta go

Peep’s a geek, Where is Dru?

Mean_Fangirl, ciao fuck you.

Ger_rank, Image Dumps.

Bluef0x can’t stay anon.

-The Anon Meme in a nutshell.

And thus, on the nineteenth day of the second month of the two-thousand and ninth year, an awesome anon did decide to create a meme that would forever shake the foundations of the Axis Powers Hetalia fandom on Livejournal.


One day, The Great Anon In The Sky decided upon themselves that they would create a meme; A meme filled with love and happiness and a place for all members, large and small, of the Hetalia fandom to congregate and discuss together. But like many men, great anon in the sky was foolish. As soon as the greatest of all anons had created their wonderful Utopian free for all the wank began.

As harmonic as the meme was designed to be, Anon was not convinced. They descended upon the meme in their hordes and began a wank-fest like none had ever seen before, mainly aimed at Great Anon In The Sky. And this went on for several days, anon never tiring and always finding something new to complain and rant about, until the glorious and legendary 10000th comment had been reached.

Despite the anons' original hatred and ostracizing of the meme, they found themselves bereft without it, flailing their hands, shouting to the sky, repeatedly F5ing and even creating a temporary meme in its absence, Anon realized how much they loved the meme. They threw down their weapons and waited until The Great Anon In The Sky realized that the maximum comments had been reached and created part 2, where hundreds of anons flocked within seconds to declare their love and loneliness without it.

And from that day forth, the anon meme became a place of love and happiness because anon realized that they could wank no more.

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